What’s the difference between a Clairvoyant and a medium?

A Clairvoyant is a medium. The term clairvoyant means clear-seeing. The medium has the ability to see spirit. Either seeing the image in their mind or as a full form apparition. The latter is very rare.

If there has been sometime between the death of a loved one, they may appear dressed in the clothing of that era, so the medium can give a valid description of their physicality and appearance. Some spirits if they’ve passed through a dehabilatating illness like to show their loved ones that their back to themselves again and most importantly are happy and very much at peace.

Clairsentanance means clear-feeling. The medium has the ability to sense how a loved one died as they can feel what part of the body was affected, they can also be give certain significant smells, such as if a loved one’s father was a pipe smoker and the medium could smell tobacco, this would be meaningful to the client as they would identify the smell of tobacco with their dad and would be further proof of the validity of the sitting. It also alludes to the ability to get a sense of the loved ones character, if for example the clients father had an extraverted personality the reader would pick up on this and relay this onto the loved one.

Clairaudience means clear-hearing. The medium can hear messages from the person in spirit to the loved one. Again every medium has a different style, some actually hear voices externally as if another person was speaking in the room, whereas the most recognised form of clairaudience is hearing the voices inside your head, internally. Now before you begin to go aaaaah hearing voices…..right….! I hasten to add the medium can readily identify spirit from their own internal dialogue. The only example I can give you is from my own personal experience. Spirit has no accent and the information has no meaning to me and as I utter the words that flow into my head my clients facial expression is enough to trust in my guides and their loved ones that the information is valid.”

The above article was submitted by Fiona Faery.

Fiona Faery is a psychic Medium. She hails from kilsallaghan, co. Dublin, but has made Dundalk, Co. Louth her adopted home, where she has resided for the past 11 years.
Fiona works with an individual’s spirit guides and guardian angels in order to assist them through life’s many pitfalls.
She uses Angel and Faery oracle cards as in her experience, the beautiful imagery and artwork instantly relax clients. Fiona teaches meditation and psychic awareness classes weekly, gives private sessions and tours the country with Holistic fairs Ireland. She also gives inspirational talks and reads for events and private parties. Fiona has become known for her no-nonsense approach, laced with humour and insightful straightforward advice. She is a regular voice on the Late lunch radio show on LMFM and viewers can ring in and get their questions answered live on air. You can book a reading with Fiona by dialling: 086-373-6143.

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