What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

You may have heard the phrase all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums……

Firstly, every person has a psychic sense call it extra-sensory, knowing who’s there when the phone rings, getting a bad ‘vibe’ off a person, we all have the ability to tune in to ourselves or into another’s energy field. The most natural example is of course, a mother’s intuition! Being able to sense when a loved one is in danger or not being able to tell your mum a lie because she can ‘tell’ if you’re spoofing!!! Everyone openly accepts this version of being intuitive but try and tell someone you can develop these abilities further and you’re likely to get a whoooah Reaction! Being psychic is having the ability to read or tune in to a person’s energy field and give them information pertaining to their life, past present and future. This is where the fortune telling label can get slapped on and where some confusion lies. A psychic can use tools such as cards, runes, tea-leaves, crystals and the good old fashioned crystal ball to predict patterns or trends in a client’s life. A psychic will give you guidance on YOUR life because it’s YOUR energy field they are tuning into. A psychic does not have the ability to tune into spirit or loved ones that have died, i.e. a psychic reading consists of information pertaining to you and your life.

A medium, is exactly as the name suggests, is a bridge between the living and the dead. Most mediums prefer to use the term crossed over or passed on, because our souls never truly die. A medium is psychic, so some mediums can offer psychic readings as well as mediumship. This is where the confusion comes in as the term psychic mediumship does not mean spiritual mediumship. A Psychic medium as mentioned reads the clients energy whereas the spiritual medium connects with spirit, in everyday life we tend to drop titles and the psychic medium gets called ‘a psychic’ and the spiritualist medium gets called ‘a medium’.

I always recommend you check with the reader, firstly deciding do you want a reading with regard to a situation in your life or do you want to connect with a loved one that has passed on. Some mediums can do both in a reading, but you need to check.

The above article was submitted by Fiona Faery.

Fiona Faery is a psychic Medium. She hails from kilsallaghan, co. Dublin, but has made Dundalk, Co. Louth her adopted home, where she has resided for the past 11 years.
Fiona works with an individual’s spirit guides and guardian angels in order to assist them through life’s many pitfalls.
She uses Angel and Faery oracle cards as in her experience, the beautiful imagery and artwork instantly relax clients. Fiona teaches meditation and psychic awareness classes weekly, gives private sessions and tours the country with Holistic fairs Ireland. She also gives inspirational talks and reads for events and private parties. Fiona has become known for her no-nonsense approach, laced with humour and insightful straightforward advice. She is a regular voice on the Late lunch radio show on LMFM and viewers can ring in and get their questions answered live on air. You can book a reading with Fiona by dialling: 086-373-6143.

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