What is Amethyst and what are the benefits of having it?

amethyst gemstone

This beautiful purple crystal is one of the quartz family. The stone for pisces and aquarious. It is said to cure insomnia, alleviate bad dreams and ease a headache. It was used in ancient times to help with addiction and the colour is denoted to be that of royalty. Purple is also the colour of the third eye chakra, the stone is said to help open the third eye, increasing your psychic abilities and intuition. The properties of Amethyst are amplified further when set in silver or gold and worn as jewellery.

Have your crystal near your body for its effects to take place. Cleanse your crystal in moonlight or by placing it in a dish with a piece of hematite. Hematite releases negative ions as does the moon, which charges and cleanses your amethyst of any other of your crystals.


The above article was submitted by Rena from the Crow’s Feather.

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